Christmas Gifts from Garden Games

Christmas is officially on the way and the holiday season will be in full swing in a matter of weeks. Christmas time is a time of celebration and festivities but often deciding what gifts to buy your nearest and dearest is the toughest part of the holiday season. Here at Garden Games we have plenty of gift ideas for Christmas so keep reading to find out which gifts we would recommend for Christmas 2015.

Wooden Garden Dominos – €79.95

The wooden garden dominos set is a great gift idea for someone who loves classic party games and board games. The set includes 28 wooden dominos which are each measured at 18cm x 3cm x 7cm. Each domino is made from top quality wood from sustainable sources. The set also includes instructions and a carrier bag.

Wooden Garden Dominos

8 Ball Boules Set in Canvas Bag – €29.95

If you know someone who is a fan of Boules, then this gift would make their Christmas extra special. We have an exclusive top quality Boules set which includes 8 chrome boules, wooden jack, measure, instructions and carrier bag.

8 Ball Boules in Canvas Bag (73mm)

Royal York Boxed Croquet Set – €139.95

We have a great range of croquet sets to keep any croquet fan happy but we would recommend the Royal York Boxed Croquet set as one of the best croquet sets in the market. The set includes 9 steel hoops, 4 coloured balls, 4 x 96cm birch wood mallets, 4 x stakes, 4 flags, wooden box and instructions. It may not be the time of the year to be playing croquet but this croquet set is made to last and a croquet fan would only be delighted to have this set to take out every spring and summer.

Royal York Boxed Croquet Set

Japlonk – €64.95

If you know a child that loves to play board games and classic family games then this would be the perfect Christmas gift for them. The game of Japlonk is basically the same idea as Kerplunk except it is the giant version of the game. It is a game that requires skill and strategy as you have to remove the sticks without letting the balls fall. The game set includes 3 side walls, 20 sticks, 56 coloured balls and instructions.


Compendium of Games (5 in 1) – €54.95

If you have a family member or a close friend that loves to play board games, then this compendium of 5 games in 1 set would be a perfect Christmas gift for them. The 5 in 1 set includes a giant snakes & ladders game, a jumbo noughts & crosses game, draughts game, snakes & ladders puzzle and a ring toss game.

Compendium of Games (5 in 1)




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