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Hello Garden Games customers. We are feeling generous this Spring so we are going to put some great offers on our site to help you get some great summer games for a fraction of the price. Keep reading to check out the best offers we are currently offering.

Jumbo Tennis Set with Net – Item 34

Our Jumbo Tennis Set with Net includes 2 x Giant Tennis Rackets, extra wide durable net (300cm x 60cm), rigid pole nets, 2 x inflatable tennis balls, ball pump and coloured box for storage. It is the ideal tennis game for small kids who are just beginning to get into the game of tennis and want to warm up for Wimbledon this summer.

There is currently 67% off this products so you can get your hands on it for only 20 Euro. Currently 4 in stock.

Jumbo Tennis Set With Net

Monster Badminton Set – Item 52

Our Monster Badminton Set includes 2 x monster size badminton rackets and 2 x massive shuttlecocks. All you need to do is get your hands on a net (nets are available on our site) and start playing. This set is perfect for kids learning how to play Badminton and for playing outdoors in the garden or patio.

There is currently 43% off this product so you can now order it for just 20 Euro. Currently 6 in stock.

Monster Badminton Set

Garden Pick Up Sticks – Item 17

Garden Pick Up Sticks is usually a game with small pieces which you play at the table indoors. Although, our pick of sticks game is massive and can be played outdoors in the garden or patio. A fantastic garden game where only the steadiest hand can succeed. Each player’s goal is to pick up as many sticks as they can without making the other sticks move. You can use the black stick as a tool to ‘flick’ the other sticks off the pile, or use the black stick for 25 points and use your fingers to grab the sticks from the pile. Each stick is 90cm and this set contains over 40 sticks.

There is currently 40% off this product so you can purchase the set for 15 Euro. Currently only 1 left in stock.

Jumbo Tennis Value Set – Item 56

The Jumbo Tennis Value Set includes 2 balls and 2 x 62cm Giant Tennis Rackets. This set is perfect for kids over 4 years old who want to learn how to play tennis. The set is perfect for playing outside in the garden and all you need to do is get your hands on a net. Nets are available on our site.

There is currently 33% off this product so it is now available for only 20 Euro. Currently 2 in stock.


Jumbo Tennis Value Set

Golf Driver – Temporary Product

The Golf Driver would be the ultimate surprise or gift for an avid golf fan. You make the product stable by pushing the steel pin into the grass as far as you can. Then you attach a golf ball to the string and practice your golf skills. There are currently only 9 of these in stock and you can get one for only 12 Euro.

Golf Driver


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