Top 5 ‘Lockdown Games’

As of recent, we have entered the new world of ‘lockdown’. That does not mean you can’t have fun though. At, it only means one thing and that is to get outside in your garden playing in the sunshine. We have so many games to keep you entertained during this time, but we are going to run through the top 5 games we would recommend to play!

5 – Garden Skittles

Garden Skittles is like bringing the classic game of bowling to your own patio and it is fun for all of the family. The idea of the game is easy, set up the skittles and then roll the ball to attempt to knock over all of the skittles. It is a competitive game that takes concentration and accuracy to win the overall competition. There is a Garden Skittles set available to order from and it includes 10 Skittles, 2 Balls, Canvas Holdall and Instructions.

4 – Lawn Darts

Lawn Darts is a great game for all of the family, easy to play, safe and lots of fun. Each player gets 2 darts to throw at the target rings which can be places as far away as you wish and the player who successfully throws the most darts into the targets wins. The game requires strategy and accuracy to win the rounds which makes it a competitive game. There is a Lawn Darts set available from and it includes 6 Coloured Darts, 1 Start Ring, 2 Target Rings, 9 Pegs and Instructions.

3 – Frisbee

Frisbee is a great game for people of all ages. There is a range of different games you can play with a Frisbee such as Ultimate Frisbee, Catch and KanJam. Frisbee games are great for getting active outside and they are also great fun. There is a Jumbo Flying Disc available to order from

2 – Slip & Slide Water Slide

Slip & Slide water slides are great fun in the garden for children when trying to cool down during a hot summer afternoon. It takes five minutes to set up, all you need is the slide and some water to get going and then it is an afternoon full of laughter and fun. There is a top quality Slip & Slide Water Slide available to order from and the product includes a 600cm long slide, a hose attachment, ground pegs and coloured box for storage.

1 – Croquet

Croquet is a classic garden game which makes it a perfect game to play in the summer sun. It is suitable for all ages and takes both physical ability and strategy to win the game. There is a few croquet sets available from but we are big fans of the Croquet Set in Canvas Bag which includes 9 Hoops, 4 Colour Balls, 4 96cm Mallets, 4 Stakes, Instructions and a Canvas Carry Bag for storage.

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