Celebrities Favourite Board Games

The winter is on it’s way which means that there are fewer opportunities to play outside and it becomes a bit more difficult to keep all of the family entertained in the evenings and at the weekends. Don’t worry though, because the winter is the best time to bring out all of the board games and the classic family games. Even celebrities love to play a board with their friends and family in their free time. Here’s some of the best clips of celebrities showing their competitive side while playing traditional family games with fellow celebrities and friends.


Katy Perry & Ellen take on the game of Taboo. The aim of the game sounds a lot easier than it is. The person sitting opposite you must raise a card above their head and you must describe to them what the word is without using the given word and the other 5 words shown on the card. The tricky part is that you are racing against the clock.


Little Mix played an exciting game of Pictionary while on a trip to Japan. The game is similar to Taboo in the sense that you have to describe the word given to you to your teammate but in this instance you have to draw it down on paper and your teammate has to guess correctly what you are trying to tell them before the clock runs out of time.


Ellen takes on Kevin Hart in this clip where they compete to win a game of Jenga. The idea of the game is simple. You must remove a block from the tower without knocking any of the other block down and then you must place the block you removed on top of the tower. The person who knock any blocks or the entire tower down loses the game.

There’s a Wooden Garden Tower available from Garden Games now and it is perfect for playing Jenga.

4 in a Row

Our 4 in a Row game is one of our bestsellers on our site but I bet you didn’t know that it is also a massive favourite among massive icons like Beyonce.

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