Top 5 Games to Play Indoors

Recently, we haven’t enjoyed the greatest weather which is no surprise when you consider just how unpredictable Irish weather proves to be. This has led to less people spending time playing outside but just because you can’t play outside doesn’t mean you cannot have fun. We have compiled the top 5 games from that you can play indoors. 

5 – Fairground Target Game (Tin Can Alley)

Create your own Fairground at home with this target game. Stack up the 10 cans and then try and knock them down by throwing the sand target bags at them. Make it a competition between players or offer prizes and then you are guaranteed hours of fun. The set includes 10 Hollow EVA cans, 6 Sand target bags and a Tough carry bag. the set is available to order now on

4 – Jumbo Playing Cards

Jumbo Playing Cards

Make card games such as snap and gin rummy extra fun with these Jumbo Playing Cards. Jumbo Playing Cards guarantees hours of fun as you can play hundreds of different strategy and competitive games. The set includes 56 jumbo sized cards in full colour and they are made from thick, durable, easy wipe EVA. Order now from

3 – Jamanga Tower

Jamanga is a popular game. A massive coloured tower with a giant dice. A game of skill and tactics, throw the giant dice and it gives you a choice of 2 colours. Choose one and remove a brick of that colour from the tower. Get it right and the tower stays tall get it wrong and the tower will fall. Everyone screams JAMANGA!! By using your skill and nerve you can leave the tower on the edge of collapsong making it impossible for your opponent to leave it standing. The tension is unberable and the excitement is unbelievable. Will you collapse under pressure like the tower, or dare you try to stack’ em high?

The set includes 36 Coloured Bricks, (18cm x 6cm x 4cm) 1 x giant dice 18cm x 18cm, full instructions and a coloured box. Order now from

2 – Giant 4 in a Row

Giant 4 in a Row is the perfect challenge. A Giant Challenge standing 46cm x 53cm. This game can be played both indoors and out or taken to friends. It is also great in the class room, the kids just love it. The game includes 1 x red frame 46cm x 53cm, 2 x black stands, 1 x set of white counters, 1 set of black counters, instructions, coloured box. Order now from

1 – Table Tennis Set

Set up a table in your house and create a make-shift net in the centre of the table and then all you will need is some paddles and balls to host your own Table Tennis competition. Table Tennis is simple to play, suitable for all the family and it takes physical as well as strategic ability to win the game. This set includes 2 bats, 3 balls and a carry bag. Order now from




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