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Parties can be hard work when it comes to organising and coming up with ideas to keep all of your guests entertained. Here at we have a massive range of party games to keep guests of all ages entertained indoors and outdoors. We have classic board games, fun limbo games, giant versions of classic games and plenty of fun sports equipment. Keep reading to find out our top 5 party games.

5 – Japlonk – 75 Euro

Japlonk is a giant version of Kerplunk which is a classic board games which kids and adults love. It is a giant game of skill and strategy while the aim is simple as you have to try and remove the sticks without the balls falling. The player with the least balls at the end is the winner. This game can be played indoors or outdoors as it measures at 45cm x 40cm. Our Japlonk game includes 3 x sides, 20 x sticks, 56 x coloured balls and instructions.

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4 – Garden Quoits – 25 Euro

Garden Quoits is a simple but fun ring toss game as the idea is to throw the piece of rope with the aim of it landing on one of the spikes. Each spike is worth a certain amount of points and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins. This Classic outdoor garden game comes in a canvas holdall with 4 rope rings, sturdy quoit base (42cm x 42cm) and screw-in scoring stakes. Instructions are also included. Another great game for a party or BBQ.

Garden Quoits

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3 – Giant 4 (135 Euro) or Mega 4 (200 Euro)

Our giant connect 4 games are great for keeping both kids and adults entertained at parties and events. Giant Connect 4 games are hard to find in Ireland and we are one of the very few places you will find top quality versions of the game. The Giant Connect 4 games come in two different sizes. Giant 4 is 90cm wide x 80cm high and includes 21 red and 21 black coins.

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The Mega 4 game is basically the same game but it is even bigger than the giant 4 game. The Mega 4 game is 120cm wide x 100cm high and it also includes 21 red and 21 black coins.

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2 – Uber Limbo Game – 135 Euro

Our Uber Limbo game is the best Limbo game you will find in Ireland. Great for social events, office parties, garden parties and on the beach. It is easy to assemble and is guaranteed to get everyone involved. The Uber Limbo set is perfect for adults and children as it can be adjusted to 14 different height options. As you go lower the distance between the pegs is smaller to take account for the extra difficulty. The Uber Limbo set is handmade in the UK and finished to a high standard. This Limbo set has a very solid construction making it extremely durable.

Uber Limbo Set

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1 – Giant & Mega Tumble Towers

Jenga itself is a great party game but why not have the ultimate party game and order any of our giant tumble towers. We have 3 different giant and mega tumble towers to choose from here at Garden Games.

Our cheapest option is the Giant Tumble Tower Pine which has a starting height of 90cm but can reach over 150cm. Watch a clip of the game below or buy it now!

We also have a hardwood giant tumble tower which is 135 euro and is the same height as the giant tumble tower pine but it is more durable and heavier than the pine version of the game.

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Our Mega Tumble Tower is the biggest giant jenga game you will find in Ireland. It includes 56 hardwood blocks and has a starting height of 124cm but can reach a height of over 200cm.

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