Uber Walnut Burl Backgammon Set

  • Uber Walnut Burl Backgammon Set

The Walnut Burl backgammon Set is a beautifully elegant set made to the highest quality.

Handmade in Greece, the playing surface features wood inlays of walnut with maple and walnut points individually crafted into the set.

The Walnut Burl Backgammon Set is encased in smooth walnut with beautiful pattern and knotting detail. Each board is unique and individually crafted but all with stunning design features.

The Walnut Burl Backgammon Set is supplied with 30 stunning 36mm polished olive wood playing counters and comprises handy semi-circular trays for storing the wooden counters on each end of the board.

The Walnut Burl backgammon set folds easily in half and is secured with 2 polished brass fasteners.

The Walnut Burl Backgammon Set Includes:

Foldable walnut playing board with 24 light and dark contrasting points.

Size of open board 19 x 24 x 1.5 inches (47.5 x 60 x 3.75cm).

Size of closed board 19 x 12 x 3 inches (47.5 x 30 x 7.5cm).

30 x 36mm light and dark olive wood counters (15 of each colour).

4 x 12mm dice (2 red and 2 white).

1 x 16mm doubling cube

Bag for storing checkers and dice

Weight of set 4kg

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