5 in 1 Big Games Set

5 big outdoor games in one set at amazing value! This set includes 1 x 3ft square Snakes & Ladders game with giant dice, 1 x giant noughts & crosses game, 1 x 3ft draughts board, 1 x ring quoits game and 1 x 3ft snakes & ladders puzzle all in one box. Fantastic fun and big value, perfect for birthday parties, communion parties or even as a gift. The perfect gift idea for someone who is a big fan of classic games. There are hours and hours of fun guaranteed in this big box of games.


1 x Giant 3ft Square Snakes & Ladders game (90cm squared), 1 x giant inflatable dice, 1 x 3ft square Jumbo Noughts and Crosses (90cm squared), 1 x 3ft Draughts game, 1 x Ring quoits game, 1 x 3ft Snakes and ladders puzzle.

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