Club Rounders Set

Rounders is the original traditional bat, ball and bases game! One of the core GAA games.

Our Club Rounders Set comes complete with four Ash Rounder bats to enable each batter to continue running with the bat rather than throw the bat to the next batter!

The four weighty rubber bases hold the full-height plastic posts firmly in position to mark out the pitch. The two rubber mats mark the position of the bowler and current batter.

The Club Rounders set is supplied in a in a nylon storage bag for ease of transportation.

The Club Rounders Set includes;

  • 4 Ash Rounders bats with rubber grip
  • 2 Leather Rounders balls
  • 4 White plastic posts – 123cm high x 25mm diameter
  • 4 Black rubber bases - 1Kg each
  • 2 White rubber mats
  • Nylon transport / storage bag
  • Everything you need for some great Rounders sessions

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