Giant Draughts Pieces - 25cm Plastic

  • Giant Draughts Pieces - 25cm Plastic

*This product does NOT include a board - includes pieces only*

Order giant garden draughts pieces today before 2pm and the product will be delivered anywhere in Ireland or the UK in 2 business days.

Like Giant Chess, Giant Draughts are perfect for summer parties, BBQ’s, pub gardens and other outdoor events.

Giant Draughts is suitable to be played by all ages; offering a fun experience for all involved.

Our Giant Draughts are made from very durable PVC, which is both waterproof and UV protected. Each piece weighs 1/2kg.

This Giant Draughts Pieces set includes:

24 draughtsmen

12 White, 12 Black

9 cm in Height

25 cm in Diameter

6 plastic rods to make Kings

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