Large Chess Pieces - 20cm Plastic

  • Large Chess Pieces -  20cm Plastic

Complete your large outdoor Chess Set with these 20cm Plastic giant chess pieces.

These Large Chess pieces are made from one piece UV treated PVC ensuring they are fully waterproof and hardwearing and able to withstand even the worst weather conditions.

The Large Chess Pieces Set comprises of 32 pieces with the King standing at 20.5cm tall and the pawns measuring 11cm in height. When placed on a suitable chess board the Large Chess Set measures 140cm x 140cm. A small and compact chess set ideal for use by all the family. The pieces are small and light ensuring they can be easily moved around the board, transported and stored away when not in use.

The base diameter of the chess pieces range from 6cm for the pawns to 9cm for the kings.

The Large Chess Pieces includes:

2 x Kings – 20.5cm in Height

2 x Queens – 19cm in Height

4 x Bishops – 14.5cm in Height

4 x Knights – 14.5cm in Height

4 x Rooks – 11.5cm in Height

16 x Pawns – 11cm in Height

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