Tag BIb Rugby Set - Youth

  • Tag BIb Rugby Set - Youth

Tag rugby is a great way to enjoy Rugby, from absolute beginners to the most experienced Rugby players!

Tag Rugby is non contact form of the game and helps to improve handling, running, support and evasion skills.

The Tags, which are attached to the bibs via Velcro, are pulled from the bibs to signify a tackle!

The Tag Bib Rugby Set includes;

  • 10 Black bibs with 2 Red PVC tags on each bib
  • 10 Red bibs with 2 black PVC tags on each bib
  • Top quality training Rugby ball
  • Mini ball pump
  • 50 Grip marker cones and holder to mark a pitch
  • Nylon transport / Storage bag
The Youth Set is supplied with a size 4 ball and Youth Size bibs

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