Mini 4 (Connect 4 game)

  • Mini 4 (Connect 4 game)

Play this classic tactical game in style on this beautiful on this high quality mini connect 4.

The frame is beautifully crafted with an English Ash face and Rosewood edging giving a lovely natural look and feel.

Players take turns to strategically drop coins with the winner being the first player to connect four coins either vertically, horizontally or diagonally!

There is a removable Rosewood bar to release the coins.

The Mini 4 is supplied in a handy nylon storage bag for ease of transportaion

The Mini 4 set includes:

English Ash face 47cm x 32cm

Rosewood legs and removable bar

42 x 4.5cm plastic coins (21 red and 21 black)

Nylon Transport/Storage Bag

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