Multi Sports Set

  • Multi Sports Set

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The multi sports set is perfect for a day out in the park or on the beach with family and friends.

The Multi Sports set contains kit to play Cricket, Football, Rounders, Frisbee and Beach Tennis so there really is something for everybody!

The sports set represents excellent value for money compared to buying the games individually

TheMulti Sports Set includes;

4 wooden stumps – 60cm x 2.5cm diameter (can be used for Cricket Stumps, Football goals or Rounder's bases)

1 Training Football Size 5

1 Rounders bat

1 rounders bat

1 rounders ball

1 Plastic Cricket Bat Size 5 (as supplied in crazy cricket set)

1 Full Size Windball cricket ball (as supplied in crazy cricket set)

1 Cricket Bail

2 Wooden Beach Bats

1 Beach Ball

1 Ffrisbee 30cm diameter

1 mini ball pump

Nylon transport / Storage bag

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